Introduction to Clinical Trials

Introduction to Clinical Trials

Introduction to Clinical Trials is an ideal program for all novice clinical researchers, those interested in the profession, or those indirectly involved in clinical trials. This course provides the foundational knowledge upon which they can develop their competence as clinical research professionals.

This two-hour on-line course details how medical products are developed, how volunteer patients are protected, and who plays key roles in the development, research, review, and approval of medical products.

In addition to supporting clinical research professionals and organizations, this program is an ideal tool for organizations seeking to help educate the public about clinical research and to raise awareness of clinical trials and the clinical research profession.


  • Analyze clinical study and site activities and requirements
  • Explain the core ethical principles of clinical research
  • Discuss how the research subject’s safety, rights, and welfare are protected in clinical trials
  • Describe the development process for medical products and the related regulations
  • Determine good clinical practices for ensuring the safety of the research subject and the scientific validity of a clinical trial.


  • Primary: All clinical research personnel
  • Secondary: Any person in a clinical trial related role

Knowledge level (basic, intermediate, advanced): Basic


  • Related to the following Core Competencies for both CRC and CRA:
  • Ethical and Participant Safety Considerations
  • Clinical Trial Operations (GCPs)
  • Scientific Concepts and Research Design

Activities Included:

Introduction to Clinical Trials