Yafit Stark PhD

Yafit Stark, PhD, joined Teva in 1987. From 1991 to 1994 she was based in the US, where she established the Innovative R&D Division of Teva USA and was responsible for the clinical development of Copaxone®. Dr. Stark then established and managed the Innovative R&D Division's global clinical research and clinical development of all innovative products at Teva. Today she holds the position of Chief Clinical Officer, Innovative R&D Division and is in charge of the clinical development strategy and implementation of new methodologies in both innovative and biogeneric product development. She is an active member of "Tnufa", the Project Funding Evaluation Committee of the Chief Scientist's Office at the Israeli Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor. She serves on the Board of Directors of the Israeli Research Association for Eye Health and Blindness Prevention and the International Association for Fighting Best Disease, and on the Advisory Board of Xenia Venture Capital, an investment company operating a technological incubator in support of high-technology startup companies in Israel.


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