Mr. William Macneil M.S.

Saint Louis University

William Macneil currently serves on the research team conducting the Evidence Based Neurodiagnostic Imaging of Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder at the Saint Louis University Advanced Neurosurgical Innovation Center (SANIC). William got his start in neurosurgical imaging and instrument navigation research at Saint Louis University (SLU) after completing a Masters Degree in Computer Science with a thesis emphasizing robotic navigation and control kinematics. William later explored an opportunity at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory where he drew upon common aspects between undersea navigation and image guided surgery to develop innovative solutions to problems in both realms. Prior to returning to Saint Louis University, William served in a variety of roles spanning clinical support, physician training, new technology development, and product marketing at Stereotaxis, Inc., a medical startup that pioneered the use of magnetic fields to move catheters in the body. William is also engaged in entrepreneurial efforts to launch a telemedicine startup in St. Louis that will enable specialists to project expertise to rural, battlefield, and underserved areas for remote consults and interventions in neurotrauma, stroke, and cardiac emergencies.


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