Sheikh Vikarunnessa MBBS, CCRC

Research Study Coordinator, UT Southwestern Medical Center

I graduated with M.B.B.S degree in 2002 from Sir Salimullah Medical College, one of the best medical schools in my home country Bangladesh. Upon graduation, I was recruited by the Ministry of Health and Family Planning, Bangladesh as a medical officer.  

In 2006, I moved to the USA where I got the unique opportunity to engage myself with the advanced technologies, daily new inventions, and unlimited research in the field of medicine. Since, I have a strong passion for medical research, I tried my best to join to UT Southwestern Medical Center which is one of the world's renowned medical centers and research institutions.  In 2008, I started working as a Research Assistant in Pharmacology department of UT Southwestern where I executed not only the bench top scientific experiments but also performed the managerial activities of the lab. I then made a transition to the Center for Human Nutrition of the same institution to work as a Post-doctoral Fellow.  During the course of this training, my interest and motivation had moved into a different direction.  I felt a strong desire to establish my career in the field of clinical research which ultimately led me to find a position in the cardiology division at UT Southwestern.  Presently, I am conducting several industry sponsored clinical trials as a Research Study Coordinator. This position has put me in a situation where managing trials from start to finish is my daily practice. It has broadened my managerial abilities and improved my interpersonal communication skills which are crucial to any business endeavor.  I mostly enjoy the sense of productivity and usefulness that I gain from the work, and feel it is a valuable experience for my future growth and development.

Given the confluence of my personal and professional interest, currently I am pursuing a MBA degree at University of Texas at Dallas which I consider as a strong element to prepare me as a future leader in the field of clinical trial.


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