Sharon Benoit MPH, CCRA

Sharon Benoit has worked in the Clinical Research industry as a CRA for over 8 years. Accepting positions with increasing responsibility, she is now a Clinical Team Lead in the CNS division of INC Research. As Clinical Team Lead, she brings a strong background in program development, training and management to her study projects.

Sharon started her career working with programs providing nutrition education and health services to children and families. Her work with the HeadStart and Women, Infants and Children (WIC) programs provided an opportunity to manage multi-dimensional programs and develop collaborative relationships with other service providers. She continued to build on her collaborative relationships and skills as she developed new programs to meet the needs of the various populations she worked with. She developed proposals and secured funding from public and private sources for a wide variety of programs such as dental screening, hypertension patient education, breast cancer screening, violence prevention and diabetes education. Managing the Community Outreach and Development department for a regional medical center, Sharon facilitated the efforts of a coalition to assess health and social service needs in the five county area. She managed the grant writing staff at the medical center as funds were sought to address the needs identified in the regional assessment. Always seeking new opportunities for growth and development, Sharon enjoys the clinical research industry.


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