Dr. Sarah Fowler-Dixon

Washington University in St. Louis

Dr. Sarah Fowler-Dixon holds a doctorate in Education, Curriculum and Instruction and Higher Education. Bringing her abilities in developing and administering educational programs to the IRB after more than 15 years of educational programming, Dr. Fowler-Dixon keeps the Washington University research community abreast of evolving trends and changing guidance in the area of human studies research. In her role as Education Specialist for Washington University in St. Louis, Dr. Fowler-Dixon has oriented new reviewers and researchers; developed several new educational programs including the Necessary Elements in the Fundamentals of Human Subjects Research, a collaborative project to train new research staff; assisted in the recruitment and retention of committee members; and is a driving force in the St. Louis IRB Consortium, a venue for local IRBs to discuss and share information. Dr. Fowler-Dixon’s publications and presentations center on teaching and learning.


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