Robert G. Newman MS, MBA, RAC

Robert Nauman is an experienced pharmaceutical executive professionally recognized for his ability to solve key business issues and create organizational change that maximize revenue and minimize cost. His unique talents in commercialization of new products, management of key opinion leaders, and sales/marketing management are supported by his strengths as a team player, that leads by example, and follows through on every detail. He is a leader of change recognized by management, customers and many of his peers. He accomplishes this though decisive decision-making and gaining consensus among his key stakeholders.

Mr. Nauman's expertise stems from 19 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry.

In addition, Rob participated in over 50 key strategy teams designed to tackle difficult management problems. Some of these include; the redesign of the Pharmaceutical model to commercialize new products, the contract administration issues faced in the managed care & other contracted markets, the development of a marketing unit dedicated to key customer segments.

His areas of specialization include:
  • Commercialization of New Products
  • Managed Care Marketing
  • Key Opinion Leader Development
  • Patient Compliance/Adherence
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Clinical Trial Recruitment
  • Sales & Marketing Management
  • Team Leadership & Development


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