Randall Stoltz MD, CPI

Medical Director, Covance Evansville

Randall Stoltz, MD, CPI
Medical Director, Evansville, IN

Key Roles and Responsibilities
Manages an 80-bed clinical research unit that conducts primarily Phase I, but also Phase ll- IV clinical trials
Collaborates with sponsors on protocol development and study feasibility
Oversees study execution on site

Areas of Expertise
More than 25 years of research experience including:
o SAD/MAD/Food effect
o TQT studies using a state-of-the-art Mortara Surveyor system
o Post-menopausal women
o Healthy elderly
o Healthy obese
Specialty procedures include:
o Colonoscopy
o Endoscopy
o Echocardiogram
o Cardiac stress tests
o DEXA scans and other radiologic procedures
o Muscle biopsies
o Skin punch biopsies

Professional Highlights
More than 25 years as an investigator on over 500 studies
ABFM Board Certified
Certified Physician Investigator (CPI) by the Association of Clinical Research Professionals
Active member of the ACRP-APCR Physician Certification Committee and currently on the ACRP Nominating Committee
Board member ACPU (Association of Clinical Pharmacology Units)
Volunteer faculty member of the Family Medicine Department at Indiana University School of Medicine

Medical Degree from Indiana University School of Medicine
Residency at St. Mary’s Medical Center, Evansville, IN—Family Medicine


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