Mr. Peter Kuijpers


Peter J.F. Kuijpers studied economy and sociology at the University of Rotterdam and Utrecht After his education he worked many years as a management consultant for the financial industry and public health sector. In 1987 he set up an organization structure for the commercial provision of services: The Kuijpers van der Have -group (KHG-Holding) The specialization of the various consultancy activities within the holding are; strategy and business plan designing, development of work processes, implementation of quality standards, harmonizing of terms of employments in joints and merges and training of management skills for professionals in the healthcare sector. Furthermore providing workshops and training as part of the provision of services for GOs, NGO, public and private healthcare sector. Through the years a focus was developed on the healthcare sector, which led to an expansion of activities into clinical trials besides additional coaching activities for managers within their working environments. He is founder and co-owner of PT&R, an independent clinical research center, specialized in the conduct of clinical trials.


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