Paulla Dennis CCRC

Associate Director, Clinical Research Services, Nationwide Childrens Hospital

Since October 1999, Paulla Dennis has been involved in clinical research at Nationwide Childrens Hospital. For her first 6 years, she was a CRC devoted to conducting pediatric clinical trials in a diverse variety of therapeutic areas. Ms. Dennis earned CCRC (Certified Clinical Research Coordinator) status in November 2001, as well as becoming one of two Clinical Team Leaders in the clinical research unit. In 2005, Ms. Dennis became the Clinical Operations Manager with direct oversight of the clinical research unit at NCH which transitioned into the Associate Director role in 2006. Currently her role is that of Associate Director of Clinical Research Services at NCH which involves not only oversight of the clinical research unit, but also includes institution wide clinical research education, training, and quality improvement development and implementation. Her prior background is in teaching, and administration of several programs for at-risk youth. Mrs. Dennis belongs to the Association of Clinical Research Professionals and holds a degree in teaching from The Ohio State University.


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