Nadine Nemunaitis BS

VP of Research Operations, Mary Crowley Cancer Research Centers

Nadine Nemunaitis is the Vice President of Research Operations for Mary Crowley Cancer Research Centers (MCCRC). In her role at MCCRC she oversees the Human Research Protections Program (HRPP). Encompassed within the HRPP is Mary Crowley’s Central IRB, as well as the division of Research Operations which includes the following departments: Study Development, Project Management, Quality Assurance, Data Management and Site Management. Throughout her professional career, she has prepared for and represented Principal Investigators in the conduct of 12 FDA Site audits and has represented an Institution / Central IRB in the conduct of 6 FDA IRB audits. Her primary mandate is to apply expertise gained from these experiences in carrying out Mary Crowley's mission to expand treatment options for cancer patients. She is committed to ensuring this mission is achieved in compliance with federal regulations and national standards, state and local laws, as well as institutional policies.


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