Mohammad A. Millwala MBA, CPA, CCRP

CEO, DM Clinical Research

Mohammad Millwala is CEO of DM Clinical Research—a clinical trials company he founded over a decade and a half ago. From a fledgling family company, he grew the organization to what is today the largest independent clinical research network serving Houston, with a footprint across three states, and a position of leadership in the industry. At the last World Vaccine Congress, the company was nominated for the Best Clinical Trial Site Award. The company has also been recognized by the Society for Clinical Research Sites with the SPRIA award for innovation in patient recruitment. Over the years, their team, with the support of thousands of Houstonian participants, have played a key part in vaccine trials to help protect Americans against threats from Ebola and Anthrax to Pneumonia and the flu.

Building on that experience, in the summer of 2020, DM Clinical, with sister organization the Texas Center for Drug Development, launched the #HoustonFightsCOVID initiative, to invite Houstonians from all walks of life to join trials to aid the development of vaccines against COVID-19. Tens of thousands signed up, including, more recently, adolescent and pediatric volunteers. Being representative of the diversity of Houston was a key goal and ambassadors of various ethnicities assisted in the process.

The company was selected by major pharmaceutical partners to conduct landmark COVID vaccine trials, including those by Moderna, Pfizer, Janssen and Novavax.