Michel Denarie MBA

Senior Principal, Strategic Drug Development, IQVIA

Michel Denarié leads a center of Excellence for customer insights in IMS Consulting's Commercial Effectiveness Practice, helping clients solve an array of business issues by leveraging the full potential of longitudinal data. Specifically, he develops national and sub-national patient-centric offerings that analyze patient and prescription trends over time; identify sources of business; and improve call planning, targeting, and messaging strategies. In addition, he has pioneered methodologies to use longitudinal patient data to analyze the impact of Medicare Part D on chronic brands.

Denarié's experience in the pharmaceutical industry spans two decades and encompasses roles in sales, marketing, and product development, with particular emphasis on longitudinal patient data and sales force applications. A frequent author and speaker, Denarié's work has appeared in several trade publications. He has presented research findings and methodologies regarding the advanced application of patient-level data at numerous industry conferences, including events sponsored by the Pharmaceutical Management Science Association (P.M.S.A.) as well as ISPOR.

Denarié earned an M.B.A. from the Colgate Darden Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia. He holds a B.S. in finance from American University in Washington, DC.


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