Dr. Maria Palmer MRPharms, PhD

UK National Health Service (NHS) R&D Forum

Maria Palmer is Director of the UK NHS R&D Forum. The Forum, funded by the Department of Health in England, is a network for those involved in managing and supporting R&D in health and social care in the UK. Its aim is to improve the environment for research in health and social care by facilitating and encouraging sharing of best practice, and working with other organisations to provide education, training, advice and support for its members. Membership of the Forum is free and open to anyone involved in, or interested in, managing and planning research and development in the National Health Service (NHS) or social care. Maria has ten years experience as Director of Research for an NHS University Hospital in the Southwest of England following 20 years in clinical practice, research and teaching in nuclear pharmacy. Maria received her Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from the University of London, UK and her PhD in Medical Sciences from the University of Bristol, UK.


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