Liam Paschall

Former Associate Director, Learning and Development at Parexel, named one of LinkedIn’s Top 10 LGBTQIA+ Voices

Liam Paschall is a proud transgender man and a dedicated advocate and voice for the transgender community. With a passion deeply rooted in fostering understanding and inclusion, he has devoted his career to educating others on the nuances of trans experiences. Liam has been particularly active in the clinical research field, providing speaking engagements, training, and sharing his own experiences to increase awareness and improve healthcare for the transgender community.
Through public speaking engagements, comprehensive workshops, and tailored training sessions, Liam works tirelessly to bridge gaps in knowledge and empathy. He has presented at various organizations, schools, medical facilities, and events, including the Drug Information Association's annual event, CISCRP, National Medical Fellowships, Inc., Cisco, Red Hat, and more.

Beyond educating, Liam is committed to actionable change, offering insights into how institutions and individuals can evolve toward genuine allyship. His work empowers his audience to become proactive participants in the journey toward equity and acceptance for transgender people everywhere.