Kimberly Sullivan

Organizational Development Consultant - Employee Career Development, Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

Kimberly Sullivan, PHR
Organizational Development Consultant
Employee Career Development

Roche Diagnostics Corporation
9115 Hague Road, PO Box 50457
Indianapolis, IN 46250-0457

Phone: 317-521-4350
Toll Free: 1-800-428-5074, ext. 14350
Fax: 317-521-9924
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Kimberly Sullivan is a professionally certified HR individual with over 17 years experience working in the human resources field. She is a Talent and Organizational Development Consultant specializing in the field of Career Development. Some of her current responsibilities consist of spearheading the development of a robust Career Development Center for Roche employees as well as providing career coaching. The majority of Kims experience has been in an FDA regulated environment; starting with Eli Lilly and now with Roche Diagnostics. Kimberly has a BS in Psychology, which she segued into career as a Recruiter. Her experience working with individuals seeking new positions blossomed into a passion for development. Kims mission to enable and facilitate growth.
Kimberly Sullivan is a professional HR certified individual, with over 17 years of human resources experience. The majority of this HR experience has been in an FDA regulated environment. This speaker has a passion for career development grown from working closely with job applicants and individuals seeking new opportunities.

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