Kimberly Bazylewicz CCRC

Kim Bazylewicz is currently the IND Specialist and Monitor at The Rockefeller University. In this role, she is responsible for auditing both IND and non-IND protocols, and well as maintaining the Program of IND Assistance which educates investigators regarding the requirements for Investigational New Drug Applications (INDs), and role of IND-Sponsors and Investigators. She is also responsible for developing standard operating procedures for the monitoring/auditing program, and the management of clinical studies. Additionally, she teaches Good Clinical Practice (GCP) to investigators, nursing staff, and coordinators. Formerly, she was a Project Manager at the Cardiovascular Research Foundation responsible for the conduct of several international trials. Prior to this position she was employed by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and served as a coordinator in the Department of Neurology for fours years before joining the Clinical Research Office as a Protocol Development Coordinator, where she assisted investigators in writing clinical protocols and consent forms. Ms. Bazylewicz graduated from Villanova University in 1994.


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