Kayla Perry

Global Trial Optimization Scientist, Merck & Co., Inc.

My name is Kayla Perry and I am a Clinical Trial Coordinator (CTC) with Merck. I graduated from Georgia Tech with a pre-medical Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Minor in Health and Medical Sciences. During my time at Georgia Tech, I interned in healthcare data mining and then in Merck in Global Clinical Trial Operations-Regional Operations for North America, where I received my full time offer as a CTC.

As a Clinical Trial Coordinator, I provide end-to-end support for comprehensive trial and site administration within the US. The CTC job role ensures the preparation, collation, distribution, and archival of clinical documents. In study start-up, we initiate the communication and relationship with potential sites to conduct a study, then maintain those relationships as we collect the necessary site documentation to get the site ready for recruitment of patients. Back on the study team level, we ensure that our team has completed the protocol required training and that all site and study documents are filed and available for review by the team or for submission to any regulatory authorities. I will be speaking on the journey into clinical research from a recent college graduate, the CTC job role, and the opportunities within Merck for career development.