Kari Anne Rowland MS

Project Manager, DNAtrix, Inc.

Kari Anne currently serves as a Project Manager at DNAtrix, Inc. across multiple studies of an oncolytic virus in glioblastoma. Throughout her 15+-year life science and clinical research career, Kari Anne has fulfilled various roles within the Biopharmaceutical (multiple Sponsors) and CRO industries, research site, and science education; including clinical site coordination, safety monitoring, medical writing, site monitoring, resource management, and contract management.

The majority of her clinical research experience is related to oncology and the therapeutic application of monoclonal antibodies. Kari Anne earned her BS in Microbiology at Auburn University and thereafter, a Masters in Biotechnology at Johns Hopkins University. In addition, she is involved in serving her community to advocate for the enhancement of education in public schools, with a particular emphasis on science; resulting in a role as adjunct professor of Microbiology for a local college. Kari Annes dedicationwhether in clinical research or in community educationis driven by her desire to make a viable contribution to humanity.


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