Joe Archer

Associate Director, Trial Disclosure Services, MMS Holdings Inc.

As the Associate Director of Trial Disclosure Services for MMS Holdings, Inc., Joe Archer has over 20 years of pharmaceutical experience in clinical development, regulatory, safety, and project management. Mr. Archer has a background in the data collection and management of clinical trial information for the purpose of regulatory reporting with an expertise in developing processes and systems.

More recently his focus has been the regulations/legislation surrounding clinical trial disclosures, and operationalizing workflow for reporting to, as required by US Public law 110-85, and the growing list of international registries. In addition, he has created multiple eLearning and live training programs to support compliance in this area.

Prior to joining MMS Holdings, Mr. Archer has managed disclosures for large pharma companies like Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline. He earned his bachelors degree in Health Care Administration from Eastern Michigan University.


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