Jenny LaChance MS, CCRC

Jenny LaChance has been a certified clinical research coordinator for over five years and has worked in clinical and academic research for over ten years. She completed her Master's Degree in Health Education in 2004; her thesis examined the relationship between personality type and health locus of control.

She currently primarily coordinates Pediatric clinical trials, which has provided her with many experiences involving both parents and children. She believes that truly informed consent is essential, and such informed consent is only possible when the subject and/or parents fully understand the information. Additionally, recruitment and retention are always key for a study’s success, and these are most dependent on developing positive communication.

She is also certified as a MBTI administrator. (MBTI is an instrument that helps determine one's personality type.) Personality type looks at normal differences between people. Personality type has been shown to impact communication, learning styles, and interaction style.

Jenny serves on the Board of Directors for the Association for Psychological International as the Director of Interest Areas. Previously, she was the Interest Area Coordinator for the Health and Wellness.


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