Dr. Jean-Paul Deslypere MD, PhD

bioDYNE Labs

Dr. Deslypere got his medical degree from the University of Gent in Belgium in 1977. After graduation he specialized in Internal Medicine/Endocrinology and started a scientific career at the Belgian National Fund of Scientific Research (NFSR) and at the University of Gent. He obtained Board, Management and Scientific Advisors his PhD in Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases in 1984. Being clinically active he was director of the Endocrine Lab at the University and also Head of the Metabolic and Lipid Disorder Clinic of the University Hospital. He spent two years (1987-1988) at the Dept of Human Nutrition (Agricultural University Wageningen) where he worked with Prof M.Katan and one year (1991 ) at the Dept of Medicine (University of Texas South Western Medical School Dallas) where he worked with Prof Jean Wilson. In 1992 he was appointed Professor of Endocrinology and Research Director at the NFSR. Dr. Deslypere left the University in 1997 and started working for the clinical trial industry, first as Director International Operations of a central lab (BARC) and subsequently as Regional Director Asia Pacific for ICON Clinical Research based in Singapore. In 2002 he joined the Singapore Government as Research Director National Healthcare Group and the National University Singapore as Adjunct Professor. For 2 years, he was also Director of the Singapore Government's CRO (CTERU) and is currently also Director of the Singapore Good Clinical Practice Programme.


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