Janis Sherwood

Founder and Executive Director, Fight ALD

I am the Founder of Fight ALD. I have spent the last 11 years of my life dedicated to spreading awareness about ALD, offering support to the patient community and working to get all newborn babies screened for this deadly disease. I want to participate in programs that focus on therapies, advancing awareness and helping patients with ALD and AMN.I have developed all of my own educational materials as well as my website for Fight ALD. My past career as a desktop publisher for a travel agency where I created all of their travel brochures and corporate proposals gave me many of the tools that I have incorporated into running my business today. I also worked as a restaurant manager for 20 years and that taught me how to effectively communicate with the public and my employees. I manage close to 100 volunteers at each of my 3 annual fundraising events and have excellent organizational skills. I do not have a degree and am mostly self taught in the day to day operations of running my own business. I wear many hats and although this is such an emotional job I find it is also very rewarding.


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