J. Stephen Mikita JD

Utah Assistance Attorney General, Utah Attorney General's Office

As one of the oldest survivors of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)a genetic neuro-muscular disease characterized by muscle atrophy and weakness--Mr. Mikita has been uniquely positioned to advocate for the patient perspective at every stage of drug development. Mr. Mikita has been a Utah Assistant Attorney General for 32 years and represents Utahs three largest agencies serving and protecting individuals with disabilities.
Since joining the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiatives (CTTI) Steering Committee as a Patient Representative, Mr. Mikita has worked on the following projects: Mini-Sentinel Distributed Database Project; Pregnancy Testing Project; Antibacterial Drug Development Project for HABP/VABP; Informed Consent Project (Co-leader, Expert Interviews); Registry Trials Project (Team Leader).
He is a Patient Representative for Columbia University Medical Centers Neuro NEXT program, as well as a Board Member for the SMA Foundation. Mr. Mikita is a past DIA Fellow.
Mr. Mikita was the first freshman in a wheelchair at Duke University. Mr. Mikita was a law clerk for the United States Senate Judiciary Committee.


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