Hailey Austin MS

Clinical Research Associate, The Spectranetics Corporation

The presenter completed a Bachelor of Science at Colorado State University in Chemical and Biological Engineering and a Master of Science in Bioengineering. While training in the medical device and biotechnology fields, presentations were given on the research completed. There was a presentation and poster session during the MAST Center meeting in November 2009. As the research was coming to completion, a journal article was drafted and submitted to the Journal of Membrane Science. This was accepted and published. Also, there was a presentation of the Master’s thesis which was defended to a panel biotech experts.  Not long after graduating, the presenter was hired by The Spectranetics Corporation as a Clinical Research Associate. Over two years have passed with an extreme knowledge gain in this field. The majority of the time was spent working on the EXCITE ISR Study. Pertaining to this presentation, we underwent a successful change in Contract Research Organizations that was ongoing over several months. Other notable items include multiple sites and the CRO experiencing FDA audits with positive results, and submitting a 510(k) with superior results. The presenter received an award for the exceptional work shown on the study. The presenter continues to gain beneficial clinical research experience on a daily basis. Most recently, this has been demonstrated by compiling key journal articles in presentation format for the senior leadership team. Feedback from these meetings has continued to shape the presenter's knowledge and background in the clinical field.


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