Garo Kiledjian

Founder and CEO, SGM Alliance

Garo Kiledjian is the Founder and CEO of SGM Alliance, a 501c3 nonprofit that focuses on educating and advocating for inclusive Sexual and Gender Minority (SGM) participation in clinical research, life sciences, and the evolution of healthcare. As someone passionate about people living with HIV, he also provides consulting for Trialogic, a Site Network for one of the largest global HIV healthcare providers.

Having served in multilevel roles within administration, research, pharmacy, operations, and finance, Garo brings a versatile skill set to his leadership role. He also serves on the Membership Planning Committee for Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS) and is on the Executive Committee for the National LGBTQ Task Force—one of the oldest social advocacy groups that focuses on legislative and policy changes at the grassroots level in Washington, DC.

He is passionate about DEI and offers a unique perspective on how the intersectionality of race and ethnicity overlap with gender and sexuality. Garo earned his Bachelor’s from UCLA and studied Leadership and Global Strategy at Woodbury’s Graduate School of Business.