Fenwick Eckhardt

Head of Diversity Strategy, Citeline

Fenwick Eckhardt is a solutions consultant lead for clinical new product development at Citeline. She brings several years of experience working in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, working with small and large clients globally.

Before joining Citeline, Fenwick worked at a boutique healthcare consultancy in London. In this role, she gained invaluable quantitative and qualitative experience conducting secondary market research for various major and rare diseases, proposal and report development, client relations, patient and KOL interviews, and behavioral analysis.

Since joining the Citeline solution consulting team, Fenwick has focused on clients’ needs in the areas of new product development strategy, opportunity assessment, competitive intelligence, and product management. This work has covered projects across therapeutic areas, including oncology, autoimmune and inflammation, ophthalmology as well as rare diseases.

Fenwick holds a bachelor of science degree in human physiology from Boston University and a master of science degree in international health management from Imperial College London.