Denise King MS, RD, CCRA

Project Director, Emmes Corporation

Ms. King has been working as a Project Manager for the EMMES Corporation for eight years. Her main responsibilities are to oversee the operational, data management, protocol monitoring, regulatory, and protocol development processes. She leads and assists in the design and testing of the data capture system and leads the creation of essential documents including protocol amendments, informed consents and assent templates, study reports, the manual of procedures, data system instructions, training documents, memorandums and standard operating procedures. Ms. King trains the site monitors and also conducts interim monitoring visits to assure adherence to GCP and ICH guidelines. Ms. King serves on the EMMES Internal Quality Audit Team and leads the modification of Protocol Monitoring Standard Operating Procedures.

Prior to working at the EMMES Corporation, Ms. King worked more than six years at MedStar Research Institute as a Program Manager, Clinical Research Coordinator and site Nutritionist. She was responsible for the regulatory, budget and start-up activities for all clinical trials conducted at the research site and the training and hiring of all clinical coordinators. Ms. King worked directly with the sponsor and GCRC during the planning and implementation stage of several Phase I trials. As the site nutritionist, Ms. King conducted nutrition assessments and performed nutrition counseling as required by clinical protocols.

Prior to working in research, Ms. King worked as a Clinical Nutritionist in the acute care and outpatient setting for eight years and worked with the adult and pediatric population.

Ms. King has Master of Science in Nutritional Science and Exercise from the State University of New York at Buffalo and a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences from Cornell University.


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