Amy Abernethy MD, PhD

President, Clinical Studies Platforms, Verily

Amy Abernethy MD PhD is the President of Verily’s Clinical Studies Platforms, where she oversees the company’s clinical evidence generation platform product vision and related clinical research portfolio. In this session, Dr. Abernethy will draw upon her prior experiences as the Principal Deputy Commissioner at the FDA, the agency's acting Chief Information Officer, the former Chief Medical and Chief Scientific Officers of Flatiron Health, and as a research leader at Duke University, to discuss how clinical research needs are evolving and how Verily is building towards a superior evidence generation platform. She will discuss Verily's recent acquisition of SignalPath, how SignalPath's state-of-the-art clinical trial management system (CTMS) can improve the ease, quality and efficiency of conducting clinical research at study sites, and how Verily's growing Clinical Studies Platforms plans to set a new standard for clinical studies and evidence generation.


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