Increase efficiency and accelerate trial timelines with eISF and SSO, presented by Exostar & Cognizant SIP

Date: October 27, 2020

Time: 12:00PM - 01:00PM

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Cognizant® Shared Investigator Platform (SIP), a SaaS-based clinical trials platform drives engagement and improves operational efficiencies. Hear how Cognizant SIP and Exostar are working together to enable Single Sign On (SSO) for sponsors and sites to improve the clinical trial experience and accelerate timelines. Learn how to enhance site-sponsor collaboration while leveraging SSO to access multiple systems including eISF and CTMS to create a more harmonized user experience using a single credential.

Key Objectives

  • Learn how sponsor-sites are creating seamless access via a single credential to multiple different applications across various sponsors.
  • Discover how to remove redundancy related to providing the same information across many applications.
  • Understand how to consolidate and streamline your access to each clinical system via SSO within Cognizant SIP to improve user experience.
  • Learn how a seamless experience for end users via SSO and eISF can increase efficiency.